Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shutter Island: Addendum

If anyone has seen the movie, I'd be curious to hear your opinion, especially as to the efficacy of the soundtrack


  1. Although I appreciate lots of avant-garde and modernist music, I was not familiar with your work as I went to see this film. Now, having listened to Fog Tropes quite a number of times since, I cannot wait to see the film again for the opening sequence, because I had not even realized there was music during it. I see now that it is made to work almost on a subliminal level. I will seek out more of your work.
    Did you like the movie?

  2. I heard your piece for the first time in that film. I have to say that I was very impressed with the movie. One of the main criticism in the media was that it was full of horror cliche (storms, dark clouds, chains and darkness) - but I think Scorsese specifically intended to present a film in a somewhat old-fashioned style. I thought the music was perfect, with your work and the Penderecki particularly effective for setting the scene... In fact, I liked the soundtrack so much I bought it (the first time I have bought film music since grabbing Herrmann's Taxi Driver soundtrack many years ago). Of course we'll never know, but I suspect that both Herrmann and his pal Hitchcock would have been happy with Shutter Island...