Friday, June 22, 2012

Boletus edulis (Sierran)

As if to counter my profound disappointment in this year's meager crop -actually no crop at all-of Morels, the elusive porcini of the Springtime Sierra Nevada revealed themselves to me and my fellow mountain men in a surprising array of fecundity lats week while I was at my hut in the Sierra, These beauties were all over the place, and nice and young, so eminently edible (no pesky maggots!)
I was expecting morels but instead got these plump, perfectly proportioned examples of Sierra Nevadan nuggets and I dont mean gold! Usually when I find these spring time boletes, they are huge and bloated and over the hill--the pore surface (underneath the cap) has turned from creamy white to lurid yellow-green and is crawling with hungry maggots.
We cut up and died a bunch , and the rest we frilled on an open fire- an excellent cooking method I might add as long as you avoid burning them! Make sure you brush them well with olive oil and roast over glowing coals.
I know they dont look very appetising in the photo, but they were still covered with that good old Sierran dirt--once cleaned they were beautiful