Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sure Sign

Of what? That Spring has really come? Usually, the sudden eruption of this periwinkle patch on a neighbor's lawn is a definitive announcement that Winter has been banished. These delightful little flowers arrive after the hardy crocuses which we must admire for their ability to shine through late wintry blasts and snowfalls.But the lavander vinca minoris says there's no turning back. And they are particularly effulgent this year.
And hope springs eternal on the digital airwaves. I have been tuned in to the on line radio of WQXR for over a year now--its called Q2 actually--and it's full of surprises and delights. There's no DJ announcing the selections so you have to go on line to see the playlist, or just guess--its mostly contemporary stuff and I often just leave it on, at a low level and if I hear something interesting, I turn it up (or off, if its some particularly annoying piece, and there are those!)
When WNYC went all talk radio a few years ago, I worried that this great outlet of new and unusual music would cease to exist--and it did, but now with their sister station, WQXR (whose more conventional "classical" programing still slogs along) sending out music in cyberspace, there's more new music than ever.

Oh, oh, oh, totus floreo!