Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ultimate Meal

In my zeal to let the world know about my mushroom bounty, I gave short shrift to my colleagues at Montalvo who contributed so much to the retrospective concert on Nov 21. Hats off to Julie Lazar (who started it all) and Kelly Sicut (who organized it) and Michelle (who fed us brilliantly),the young members of the Afiara Quartet who played soulfully, and of course Jim Bengston whose sublime photography over the years has inspired me more than anything or anybody. He has been my muse and my helpmate--without Jim, no Alcatraz and Eberbach, no beautiful CD covers which so perfectly illustrate my music.(Stay tuned for new CD announcement soon!)
Note in one of the above snap shots you see Jim consuming a green liquid; this is some kind of magic elixar which he alleges keeps the demons of geezerdom at bay, and is called, actually, "The Ultimate Meal." It ocurred to me that had we consumed our amanitas wrongly identified, then they too would have been an ultimate meal!!

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  1. After my music theory professor introduced me to your your music, I heard Alcatraz and wanted to buy it. As it is out of print (or whatever albums go out of), I purchased the download and while the music is wonderful, after reading this post I feel like I am missing quite a lot without the photographs since the download had no liner notes.